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Who We Are

Based out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Bee Our Future is a local bee conservation initiative that delivers, installs and maintains beehives for businesses and residences throughout the Triad. We partner with sponsor organizations who share our responsibility to society, the environment, and our collective future.

Our Process

When you sponsor a hive, whether it be on the rooftop of your building or an off-site location, you're supporting so much more than the honey bee population. Your commitment to our community, our local food supply and agriculture, the environment, and educational programs is a vital contribution to modern society and future generations.

We handle the entire process for you. From the initial hive installation to the routine hive maintenance, all equipment, even harvesting your honey... we handle it. All you have to do is provide your financial contribution to this all-inclusive mission to save the honey bees.

A hive will not produce enough honey to harvest in the first year. However, in the following year, one hive can yield up to 40 lbs of honey in a single season. All honey harvested is yours to keep.

Why Bees Matter

Bees are fascinating creatures, whose fate is intimately connected with that of our planet. Did you know…

Honey bees are responsible for pollinating about 80% of all fruit, vegetable & seed crops grown in the U.S.A.
Honey bees are the only insect in the world that produce food humans can eat.
Honey bees can travel up to 6 miles from their hives to gather nectar.
Honey bees must collect nectar from about 2 million flowers in order to produce 1 pound of honey.
Get Involved

Interested in sponsoring a hive, or just want to learn more about Bee Our Future? We would love to hear from you. Tell us about it below, or email us directly. We’re all in this together.